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Birth Class on DVD

Finally, you can get Pat's famous birth classes on DVD! All of her patients rave about how great these are. They will teach you how to get through labor without drugs and your support person what they need to do to help you.

Now you can watch from the convenience of your home. Share with a friend! No babysitter required.

Class Information

  • Class one - Introduction to out of hospital birth
    • Advantages of homebirth and advantages of hospital birth
    • Supplies to organize and have on hand
    • How to be well prepared
    • How to put together a transport plan that is well-researched and documented to cover every possibility in the event of a rare emergency
  • Class two - Preparation for labor
    • How to know labor is beginning
    • When to call the midwife
    • Preparation for the labor coach & how to help her in early labors
    • What are the risks of ruptured membranes
      • When does it happen
      • What does it mean
    • What is meconium
      • What is the significance
      • What is the risk
  • Class three - Pain Management
    • Why does it hurt to have a baby
    • What to do about it
    • How can the labor support team help her
    • All the tools and techniques to help her get through the pain
  • Class four - The Dark Side
    • What are the risks of out of hospital birth
    • What can go wrong & how common is it
    • What can you do about an emergency at home or in a birth center
    • A look at everything that can go wrong
    • What the midwife can do and can't do
    • What are the real risks and how common are they
  • Class five - Delivery
    • When to do an epsiotomy and why
    • How to prevent tearing
    • How to push and when
    • Delivery of the placenta
    • What happens to the baby after birth
    • Waterbirth
    • Emergency delivery & what to do if the midwife isn't there or you are on the road
    • Routines that are performed on the baby in the hospital
      • What are the risks
      • What are the benefits
    • Breastfeeding
  • Class six - Sibling Class

DVD Set - 5 Discs - $80.00

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