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Safe Herbs During Pregnancy

alfalfa minerals
aromatic spices digestive aids,galactagogues
beet root iron
comfrey minerals, demulcent
crampbark antispasmodic
echinacea blood and lymphatic cleanser, pain
eyebright mild decongestant
fenugreek cuts phlegm
hibiscus flavorful
horehound decongestant
lemon grass flavorful
lemon vernena flavorful
marshmallow demulcent
nettle minerals
red raberry leaves uterine tonic
rosehips vitamin C, flavorful
skullcap nervine
slippery elm demulcent
spearmint diuretic, flavorful
strawberry leaves uterine tonic
squawvine uterine tonic
wild yam stomach sedative
yellow dock iron uptake

Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy

diuretics buchu, shepherd's purse, uva ursi
emmenagogues chamomile, dong quai,mugwort, pennyroyal
hormone herbs blue cohosh, false unicorn, ginseng
laxatives aloe, cascara, sagrada, senna
liver barberry, chapparal
respiratory (strong) hyssop, ma huang, yerba santa
stimulants coffee, guarana, kola,tea with caffine

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