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Why Homebirth?

by Pat Jones, CNM

Many people ask us why we are for homebirth. This is not an easy question to answer, nor do we take this decision lightly. Homebirth is not a step backward, it is a step away from hospital and physician control of a normal body function. It is a step toward personal growth by accepting the responsibility of giving birth and parenting. We do not expect the "pain relief which-is supposedly available when you are under the doctor's control. We accept the work of labor and deal with it as mature women giving birth as we were designed to do.

There are many reasons why a mature couple might want a homebirth. However, there is only one reason which should be the deciding factor. That is the ABSOLUTE COMMITMENT TO NATURAL BIRTH. YOU SHOULD TRULY FEEL THAT HOMEBIRTH IS THE SUPERIOR WAY TO GIVE BIRTH TO YOUR BABY. Other factors such as finances, a fear of hospitals and/or physicians, wanting to be like others who have done it, or doing it because your partner or other family member wants you to may be considered, but should not be the deciding factor in your choice to birth at home.

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