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Womens Health and Birth Care
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Birth Stories

This section contains pictures of babies being born along with photos of mothers giving birth. Some of the families have provided their personal birth story. These natural child birth photos are for all to enjoy.

If you are one of Pat's current or past patients, we would love to include your birth story and/or pictures. Please either give them to Pat or email them to her at birthcare@aoldot com

Dad's Perspective

Pat Jones and Patient

Mehta, Ajay
Ajay wrote a comparison of the experience they had in the hospital with their first child and the homebirth they had with their second child. This is a must read!

Home Waterbirths

Heft, Heather
Heather shares pictures of the homebirth of her son Preston with Pat.
Hyde, Janis
Janis Hyde shares pictures and her birth story.
Miller, Carie
Carie shares lots of pictures of a natural birth with Pat! Thank you for sharing Carie!
McCraw, Pam
A letter and photo from Pam.
Ottenwalder, Keri
Keri shares a picture of her daughter & her birth story.
Phillips, Lisa
Lisa shares pictures and her birth story.
Randall, Paula
Paula shares a newsletter she sent out to family & friends. Included are some beautiful pictures and her birth story.

Homebirth of Twins

Fonseca, Sofia
Sofia shares her spiritual story of the homebirth of her twins.


Garcia, Eugenia
Eugenia shares her birth story and a comparison between her first child being born in a hospital and her second at home with Pat.
McKee, Julie
Julie shares some photos of the birth of her child.
Spivey, Anne
Anne & Jim share pictures and their birth story.

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