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Lisa Phillips' Birth Story

Brayden's Birth

I had run a few errands on February 20th, returning home to a message from my Aunt telling me that I can't have the baby on the 20th and that I needed to wait until the 21st because that was my deceased Grandmother's birthday. Already a week overdue, I laughed to myself that I wasn't holding this baby back for anybody.

That evening we did our weekly Thursday night ritual of eating pizza with our good friends, Amy & Brad Moore. We usually rotated whose house we were going to be at and this night we were across the street at their house. There were jokes that this was going Brayden and Lisa Phillips day after birth to be the night because I went into labor after a Thursday night pizza night with my first son as well. We ate pizza and had a good time. As the evening went on the braxton hicks that I had been having were getting a little more uncomfortable, but nothing that was a sure sign I was in labor.

By 8pm Kaleb & I wandered back over to our house. I called my Mom and talked to her for a little while. I tried hard not to give away my suspicions that this might be the night. She told me to call her if I needed anything… even if it was to just moan. I guess she knew. Finally I went to take a shower. Just for the fun of it, I decided to time my contractions. I noticed they were very regular. After awhile, I called Cory to come to the shower and told him that he might want to call Pat just to let her know before it got too late into the evening. He did and she ended up wanting to talk to me. I turned off the water and sat on the cold shower floor. As soon as Cory handed me the phone everything about stopped. I still was having contractions, but they weren't as strong and I doubt they were as regular. I felt like the boy who called wolf. Pat asked if I wanted her to come out and I told her "No, not yet". I didn't want her to be sitting around for hours waiting or for this to be a false alarm. The contractions still weren't bad enough that I was sure I was in labor. Cory then called our friend Amy across the street to tell her that we might be calling her soon to come get our first son, Kaleb.

Although I really wanted to stay in the hot shower, I got myself out and somewhat dressed. As the contractions got closer and stronger I ended up on the floor next to our bed. Cory teased me about having the baby on HIS side of the bed. Cory ran around for awhile getting all of the supplies ready. This time was a little lonely having to go at some of the contractions by myself. He would stop and talk me through them if he was nearby, but unfortunately he wasn't always. When he was all done he and Kaleb sat by me rubbing my back. One of the sweetest memories is Kaleb sitting there rubbing my back and reading me his favorite Thomas the Train book, Crack in the Track. Cory talked me through a number of my contractions telling me that my grandmother was there with me and was so proud of me. That visualization was very special to me and one that Cory came up with all on his own. At some point during this time (around 9:30 or 10) Pat called and said she was coming. Cory told her she could sleep on our spare bed until we needed her, little did he know there would be no time for resting. I still don't know how Pat knew that it was time and decided to come, but I was glad she was in a better mindset than I was. Cory then called Amy and told her it was time to come get Kaleb. I was needing more of his attention right then and didn't want Kaleb to get worried. So Amy & Brad came over. Amy came in my bedroom and told me how excited she was there would be a baby soon. I was trying so hard during this time to be in control of my contractions and not drop to the floor in the middle of one. She gave me a hug and left just in time for a big contraction to hit.

From this point on I was sitting on the floor on my side of the bed. (11:10) Pat called us from within our subdivision because she had missed our street and while Cory was talking to her, my water broke. He rushed to get me something to put under me, but I think it was too late. Cory ran outside with a flashlight to help Pat find our house and greeted her as she pulled up. She came in to see me on the floor and told me what a great job I was doing and that it wouldn't be long. I didn't realize how right she was. She had brought a few things in with her and Cory offered to go get the rest of the stuff. As he brought in the supplies, she checked the baby's heart rate and kept telling me how good I was doing. She called her labor and delivery nurse to come. The next few minutes were full of getting supplies ready, monitoring the baby's heart beat, and lots of encouragement. At 11:40 Pat asked me if I was pushing. I told her "no", but thinking about it, I probably was.

I wanted in the bath tub and although it took me 5 minutes to make it the 10 feet there, I got in and it felt wonderful. It took the edge off and helped me relax a little more. Cory sat on the side of the tub supporting me. Pat told me I had 15 minutes to have the baby if I wanted him born on the 20th. I told her I wanted to wait the 15 minutes and have him born on the 21st because it was my Grandmother's birthday. So, I didn't do a lot of serious pushing. I let my body do what it needed to, but didn't add any extra force on to it. By 12 AM, I was ready to go. I was really afraid to push hard though because the midwife at my first birth told me that I didn't tear because I took it easy on the pushing. Pat was encouraging me to push through the pain, but I just couldn't. I reached a point though that I couldn't stop myself from pushing. It was an uncontrollable urge. Pat had me put my hand inside and feel the baby's head. It was so close and then would go back after the contraction. Finally the baby's head was coming through. Pat told Cory that we needed to call for Amy to bring Kaleb over if we wanted him there. I told Cory I didn't want him to leave me to get the phone. Pat brought him the phone, Cory called, and they were on their way. They arrived and Amy brought Kaleb in to watch his brother being born. During the next few contractions Pat had me push to get the baby's shoulder's out. It was a strange sensation because I had nothing to push with. It was like pushing without a contraction. Pat looked at me and said "Lisa, I need you to get out of the tub." I knew she was serious and there was no arguing. After a brief second of thinking how on earth was I supposed to get out of the tub with this baby's head between my legs, I just stood up, stepped over the side of the tub and squatted right next to the tub. Brayden's shoulders were immediately released and he was born right there next to the tub. (12:21 AM) I sat down and was handed my new baby. We were all so excited.

Pat gave Cory a warmed up towel and had him dry Brayden. We wrapped him in warmed towels and within a few minutes we tried nursing and he latched right on like a pro! We were amazed by his dark hair. The entire pregnancy I thought of him with dark hair, but would always laugh at myself wondering how he could possibly have dark hair! My first son had blonde hair like I have. Well, he did. I asked that we not cut the cord until the placenta was birthed and so we waited. Within a little while that came out and Cory cut the cord. At this point, Pat's labor and delivery nurse arrived. Pat teased me that she was going to have to pay for the nurse even though we didn't get to have her there for the delivery. Pat took blood from the placenta for lab work and then it was time to get into bed.

I rested in bed and nursed Brayden. Kaleb lay next to us for a little awhile. Then Pat had Cory get Brayden so that she could examine him and weigh him. She had Cory carry Brayden to the end of the bed and to the scale. We all took bets on how big he would be. Pat commented Kaleb, Lisa, and Brayden that she thought he would surprise us all. I was the closest with a guess of 10lbs. He was 9lbs 10ozs and 21 inches long. Wow! When Pat examined me, she said it looked like I didn't even have a baby as I had no bruises or tears. Brayden and I then got to take a wonderful herbal bath. It was heavenly. The bed was fixed up, we were all dressed, and then put into bed for the night. Around 4 AM, everyone left us to be a new family of four. I laid in bed with Brayden to my left, Kaleb to my right, and Cory's feet against mine and just marveled how wonderful it was to lay there in bed and be able to touch the four people I love the most. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep. By 5:30, I tried to wake Cory to tell him I was getting up, which Pat told me I needed to do, but he would not budge. So, against orders, I snuck out of bed to call my Mom & Dad. She answered the phone and in tears of joy I told her and my dad all about our exciting evening.

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