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Vita Natal
Vita Natal from Eclectic Institute
A balanced formula providing complete, optimum, nutritional supplementation for pregnant and lactating women. Hypoallergenic. No yeast.
90 Tablets - $33.00
Vital Force
Vital Force from Eclectic Institute
For the peri-menopausal woman who wants to decrease or avoid hot flashes - night sweats - it contains vitamins, minerals, and herbs which support balance in a woman's health. Designed for non-pregnant and non-lactating women.
90 Tablets - $33.00
vita-cap biotic
Vita-Cap Biotic from Eclectic Institute
A unique combination of vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients specifically chosen for their ability to nutritionally enhance the body's immune defense mechanisms and as a nutritional adjunct when antibiotics are prescribed. These are safe for pregnant women. Pat swears by these!!! To see the dosage Pat recommends to fight off a cold, go here.
120 Tablets - $40.00
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